24th September Birmingham Velo Race Update

Posted on 16th September 2017


The 9.30 Choral Communion Service on Sunday 24th October will proceed as normal but you may need to make a detour to the church.

As a result of concerns about Great Witley and other villages being cut off on the day, the organisers, CSM, have revised the route so that it now arrives on the A451, turns left along the B4197, and then left again at the A443, Stourport Lodge, to proceed to the River Severn at Holt.

This means that access to the church and the team rooms can be achieved by approaching eastwards along the A443, from Abberley or the Martley road, and then turning on to the Court drive at Stourport Lodge. Incidentally, access to Witley Court itself can be achieved by using a convoy system using the southerly lane of the A443 as far as the main entrance to the car park for the Court.

Anyone approaching from the Worcester area will need to proceed via Ockeridge, Martely or Wichenford. Anyone in the Stourport area will need to approach via the Bewdley bypass and then on to Abberley via Clows Top.

The roads mentioned will be closed for the much of the day: the A451 07.30 until 14.30; the A443 08.00 until 15.30.