Kate is doing an aeroplane wing walk at aged 85!

Posted on 18th August 2020

KATE WRIGHT WING WALK SPONSORSHIP Last November I went to Israel and Palestine on a Pilgrimage with RevTed, a wonderful experience! During the journey, we visited a kindergarten attached to St Philip’s Church in Nablus, Palestine. It is a poor area and quite dangerous, but the children were as delightful as all children the world over. The children come from all faiths and the poorer neighbourhoods in the city. I plan to do a Wing Walk on September 15th to raise, much needed, funds to enable to school to continue its work. As I am approaching 85, I think this may well be my last scary endeavour. Please help me to help this school and children, by sponsoring me in my efforts to fly. You can donate through gofundme: With thanks to you all in anticipation, Kate