If you love visiting this church then we really could do with your help! We are currently very short of stewards so what better way to spend as little as 3 hours each month than chatting to lovely people in beautiful surroundings!

Our stewards welcome visitors from this country and abroad, tell them about the Church, answer their questions, and help with the sale of Church booklets etc. Any new recruits are given an introduction to the church and the duties involved before they make up their minds, and then are always accompanied for the first one or two times until they feel happy to work by themselves. They can do as much or as little as they like; once a week, once a month, twice a month, school holidays, with a permanent slot, or, if preferred, filling in where needed. There is plenty of information to read, and no-one expects them to know everything. Many stewards like to work together in pairs with their partner.

The church is currently opening 12noon – 3pm from March to October and some days during school holidays.

There is no doubt that without the help of stewards, who encourage visitors’ interest, financial maintenance of the church would be impossible. The Church Committee is very grateful for the time and commitment given by all stewards.

You do not have to be a church goer or even live locally. We recruit people from a wide area who are keen to preserve this beautiful church for future generations.

Other Help Needed

From time to time we need other help with activities and fundraising events. We also need people to help steward concerts at the church.

For further information on Volunteering, please telephone Angela Snow 01905 457276 or e-mail at angelasnow@sky.com